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Hey Experts Exchange: We know you’re spam. You know you’re spam. A great legitimate site is kicking your ass all over the place. The web will be a much better place without you. Please hurry up and die.

Everyone 1

Well it took me a while, but I finally got Check it out for a centralized compendium of Joey Nelson data.

SoundCloud 1

SoundCloud seems pretty cool, kind of like Flickr for music. And like Flickr, it’s totally crippled if you aren’t willing to shell out some cash. Unfortunately, 59 euros a month for unlimited tracks doesn’t really sound like a bargain to me. Nice widget though. 6

Guilt by association: We Run The Game is running on some gallery software I wrote. The goal (and I guess there’s a pattern forming here) was extreme simplicity and speed. 4

In a further effort to take control of search results for my name, I’ve got up and running as kind of a centralized “Hey, here’s who I am and here’s all my stuff” type site.

It’s not that exciting, but if you’re looking for the real Joey Nelson (not the Batman Forever stuntman or the guy who borrows money from people in Tulsa and doesn’t pay them back), look no further!

My name is Joey Nelson. I'm a web developer living in Raleigh, NC and working with Node.js, MongoDB, Ruby, PHP, jQuery and some other stuff. More about me.